In vain

Trying in vain
to make a polygon
out of plasticine…

i try to make a
head out of a tail
yet all i see is a circle

i float up steps
that lead to
no nearer
to the edge
yet no further
from falling

i follow a line
disguised as a
dot and for some
reason i know
i’ve come to the
end of a beginning

But is it?

He knows
But he doesn’t do a thing
He knows how much i love it
He knows how much i would appreciate
But still he only says i know
And nothing more

He knows
And justifies that, that’s enough
That his knowing
Exceeds doing
Precedes feeling
And nothing else
Needs to be done

He knows
How much it hurts
That he doesn’t do a thing
And still i should be happy
That he knows me so well
And that itself is enough.

But is it?


I watch how
He watches others
Furtively stealing glances
In the guise of tapping his pen against his forehead.
A slender face peers
From his paper pad
Her chin, her hair appear
He glances up
But she had left last station
He places the pen against the paper
And after some quiet musing
Some bored glances at the past faces
A slow cursory glance
At all the non muses
And a devilish grin appears
The lady now turns fantastical
She now acquires a…
But i cannot say
I cannot stay to find out.

An invitation

I let it all slip away so easily
Too much
It is
To keep counting
To keep track
To record the ups and downs
To jot down all the pros and cons
Why should i leave evidence
To stare back at me blankly
When i know and can deny.

I dare not remember
For i find the snatches
Of fitful dreams
have never left
Since they were sought
Now they just invite others
To stay.


Unconscious prayer
Nodding to the incessant
Rhythm of a plea
So oft repeated
It has become
One with
The noise of space
One with that indistinct buzz
In your head
Barely wavering above
The hushed voices
Sharply reprimanding
The wayward Id
And its unfortunate attempts
For attention
And yet the murmur exists
Until it is fulfilled, surpassed or