No more the same

I thought i was healed

And then i saw your pain

I heard your cries

I read your struggles

With shame

(It was never yours to own)

I felt your helplessness

Your need for utmost secrecy

Your silently screaming indignation,

Your innate need to destroy that which felt tainted and stained.

Struggling to seek comfort

You wrenched my heart

And triggered my own

I reached out how i could

In our shared hopes

That we will not ever again

number the same.

Thank you for liking my poem “Vindication”, I removed it from here to share it elsewhere to bring awareness. I’ve been busy and mad triggered these past few days… And i am very grateful yet again that writing is what has saved me. I apologize for not keeping up with my reading. I will do my level best to catch up. Hope you are all well.

Knowledge from Many Hands

I wanted to share this article written by Mr. Micheal Sean Erickson. I felt this is what we need to understand now more than ever.  Gaining knowledge is not enough but gaining knowledge with empathy is a way of life that I wish more people practiced. Though I know at times our ignorance, ego, emotions can get the better of us;  taking a step and understanding with empathy only takes us forward and allows us to be better people. Thank you writing this and letting me share it.


Through the latticed lace

He heard her sigh

She and him

They locked eyes

Through the eyelets.

It took only that one deep gaze,

To haunt every last one of his long lived days.

That eye twinkle, that coquettish blush
that mischievous smirk…

That promise of more:

That stayed alluringly surreal,

Never to be fully revealed,

That was enough to leave him shirked.

And for all his unfulfilled ways:

To remain unrequited,

Mired in her daze.

Blind within

If we were one collective human

Why do we do so much

To hurt ourselves?

To deceive, to betray, to cheat

To hurt, to abuse, to harm

To rape, murder and torture

To treat ourselves like refuse?

Why do we ruin our homes

And Wreck the air

Poison our water

And bathe our hands in the blood of innocents?

Why do we do all this

To ourselves?

Because we cannot see

What is through & through

True within?

We cannot see beyond our mirrors, our fences, our streets, our stars?

Or because we cannot see we are just truly one?

Another way to see:

He believes to be

When did he think
he was possible?

why did he
twitch at
the ray of light?

why did he blink
to the sound of voices?

how will he cry out
where no mercy dares echo?

who taught him to believe in Life
when he was not wanted?

Who will tell him as he awaits to breathe?

Renewed from 2012