Maestro…A magical muse…

Art begets Art…and knowing that I give thanks to one man’s genius, whose work has constantly been inspiration to countless music lovers. I too in my ardent yet amateur understanding of music continue to learn about and stand enthralled more than ever of the sheer magic of Ilayaraja…may your pieces forever colour my life and continue to be my constant companion…:

To the charmed Maestro,
who taught me what it is to
to seek sadness in harmony,
to seek solace in musical beauty,
to lose oneself completely in sound…

One of the first pieces I posted that specifically drew inspiration from Ilayaraja’s music, namely “Enna Satham Intha Neram?” (What sound is that at this time?) from the Tamil movie “Punnagai Mannan”. I having a penchant for Raja’s sad songs was caught (as it often happens) upon one song, holding me enthralled no doubt for its lyrics, its singer, its music, a tragic waltz tinged with passion and regret. The question begged what sound could that be? And my attempt to answer is what follows:

What sound is that at this time?
in a multitude of sounds
there is one sound
that makes us all worry
makes us all think
makes us all…stop…and frantically start again
it is slowly sole in aloneness to hear
yet we beg for it at times
and scold others to give it
when we have we know not what to do with it
do we bear it? do we carry it? do we ask for only a moment of its time?
all other sounds are realized
at this sound’s arrival…
all sounds are revealized…
at this sound’s departure
what is better than to quiet this sound

Enna Satham Intha Neram?


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