The coincidence

Coincidence shall i believe in your incidence?

i cannot refrain
from quietly wondering
at what a hope-tinged mystery you remain…

Your haloed appearance
beckons so kindly..
and i attempt with gradual bravery
to delight in your happy providence…

are You
a sign revealed?
a prayer heard?
a moment blessed?
a door newly opened?
or a window letting
in a light from up above?

a little chance perhaps
to close my eyes…
to open my heart…
and surround myself
in Your sweet
and much awaited


6 thoughts on “The coincidence

  1. Soul Walker says:

    I feel like the stanza of questions is one we have all felt (but perhaps have not articulated). Sometimes it is so hard to believe even in hope.

  2. asoulwalker says:

    I also really like the line:

    “a little chance perhaps”

    there is something about the way it introduces what comes after…

  3. asoulwalker says:

    “hope-tinged mystery” is such a beautiful description. Well said.

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