rocks in my pockets

i carry rocks in my pockets
each a shameful badge
of a lost war

the sea beckons and pushes back
beckons and
pushes me back
to shore

it gives me a last chance
to turn back…

before it embraces me to its liquid core.

2 thoughts on “rocks in my pockets

  1. Queridaj says:

    Yes Eric, I suppose so, but what to do about the one who only thinks he/she’s a “loser” without realizing they’re so much more…?

    I’m thinking if the sea can give a chance unknowingly
    then knowingly we can give many.

    Thank you for your comments as always =)
    Take care =)

  2. Eric Alagan says:

    Sometimes one’s shameful acts drives one so….

Thank you for your valuable comments! =)

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