i let go…

i let go

why must you still not do so?

i let go with so much

what is it for you with nothing

to leave me be…

why is it i cannot close my eyes and be without you

but you have cut me off

and still bind me to your will.

as i stare searching reliving ever without release

you live and leave me

staring ever after you.

is this always to be?

i reach and fall

you need not reach

and have no way to fall.

you care not knowing i can not but care

yet i let it go

i let it all go

so to not let go




3 thoughts on “i let go…

  1. asoulwalker says:

    The first two lines make the rest of the poem possible. This is a fantastic way to set up a poem with this kind of emotional narrative.

  2. Eric Alagan says:

    “…but you have cut me off, and still bind me to your will…”

    Such torment, this unfair love wrought by your callousness and yet yearned by my heart. You’ve expressed it so well in that sentence above and a few more…

  3. Pamanner says:

    I know the feeling.

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