Pearly maidens

Pearly maidens swirl towards existence

Waltzing upon marbled sea.

Frothing in frenzy they swell together

Ever nearing the point of return.


Do they escape to only return?

Or do they return only to escape?


As they perish on the threshold of foam

Ebbing aquatic souls reincarnate in successive waves

Hopelessly they wait upon Neptune’s grace.

Whirling in an ecstasy ever showering

the fluid folds with translucent gems.

Dissipating into liquid’s depth,

resurfacing to join the mer-melee.


Gracefully surging towards the siren’s lure

In desire to reach beyond the horizon…

To sashay past the cascading crescents

Flowingly fleeing the curves of the thunderous crush.

9 thoughts on “Pearly maidens

  1. asoulwalker says:

    This is indeed beautiful.

  2. QueridaJ says:

    Pawan, how beautifully you word such a profound thought. =) Thank you for sharing =)

  3. Pawan Hira (awakeningpsyche) says:

    poetic imagery…..quite a good read, inspiring…..this has to be your best one…:)
    much love…

    • QueridaJ says:

      Thank you Pawan =) I’m glad you think so…let’s just say I had ALOT of time on that ferry to collect these images…especially with the inspiration right before my eyes =) Take care, Que

      • Pawan Hira (awakeningpsyche) says:

        when you observe things, you can feel the experience….and that’s why your journey was insightful….keep living every current moment, and you will not seek for a destination to reach…you will just enjoy the ride of life and beyond that form…:)

  4. asoulwalker says:

    I love poems that give intention to things that have none of their own. There is something captivating about the whole thing. Well done.

Thank you for your valuable comments! =)

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