Found out…

I have been found out…

pathetic there i stand too defeated to even try to remember

how upright i stood.

How every one of your innocent encouragements were in vain

nothing was to match my ego

revelling in all its undeserved glory.

The extent of your pity stings me, needles me, rips me apart

how cruel that this pain is not rescuingly fatal

it stays so that i must endure your forced praise.

Every bit of expectation and attention

that which let me gloat

and simper in all smugness

now causes to wrench slowly the very heart that burst with pride.

Your eyes too deep they are

they see too much in me…

i cannot stand how they enter and see
yet fail to acknowledge

but acknowledged it stays
within the very wavering of your glance

The very silence that falls when you ask and i stay soundless

soundless so that you may hear the screams of humiliation that rack me within

as you continue to wipe away tears that i cannot touch

let its vain salt burn the very face that is unable to utter Truth.


9 thoughts on “Found out…

  1. asoulwalker says:

    After having read this again I have to say that the bit about the eyes is haunting…

  2. asoulwalker says:

    I love the last two lines.

  3. QueridaJ says:

    Thank you for the clarification Eric =) Much appreciated!

  4. Eric Alagan says:

    ….I told you so…

    But you presented it so eloquently. Great post 🙂

  5. Pawan Hira (awakeningpsyche) says:

    emotions burst out in a good way….persevering warmth of soul’s voice….beautiful one….:)

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