tainted thine typed out tryings
verbage together litter a page
what more is there but lesser whats
riffled through and written out

as rejected
over confidence over
rhythm somewhere lost
devices to lie have proven true in their bitter lies
meaning yet means to change
to whatever it meant to matter


6 thoughts on “meant

  1. calmcarl says:

    Random words in a random order can seem like a put down, when you’ve put thought into each one. For me, I’ve never been able to do that and when I read your first line, I hadn’t read the title…so I made mistakes in my reading. Now, now I like it and may use it as a start to something new! Thank you. Meant.

  2. QueridaJ says:

    It’s a real pleasure to read your comment =) Thank you! One of the things I admire in poetry is how much can be said in so few words…yet when reading between the lines, the meanings just brim over =)

  3. asoulwalker says:

    The whole poem also seems pregnant with meaning. And something I find interesting is how the rhythm and stops seem paired with the content and meaning. It’s as if each line is two examples of what was said– the meaning of the words and the line itself. I fumble at how to express my thought here, but I really like what you’ve done.

  4. asoulwalker says:

    “meaning yet means to change…”

    I like the placement, the rhythm, and the length of this line. It is wonderful.

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