to be lost

help me please.
i would like to be lost.

don’t let me leave
i just might want to be.

find me please.
i keep straying
just so you would.

live for me
i want to remember
dying again.

dream for me please
if i wake i am afraid
i will live.

speak my words for me
i do not want to say
what i want to.

continue with me.
if i lead
i will wish
to keep me
in you.


One thought on “to be lost

  1. asoulwalker says:

    I’m not sure what to say. The first two lines are… they are… I don’t even know what they are but I feel like I could have said them myself. I (of course) don’t really know what this poem is about, but I love it. The brevity, the periods, the one-sided dialogue that sounds like a prayer or an urgent plea to a lover– or both… after reading it five or six times I just feel still.

Thank you for your valuable comments! =)

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