Dear one,

i forgo so much

to please you

but resentment grows

like a stubborn

unwieldy weed


each word you utter in just jest

and all that i must not take so seriously

they solemnly gather

in dark slashing lines

surrounding me

their meanings rise

like too long stifled truth

each begs for due consideration

for its time in allotted worry…


but there is only so much i can do

before i break

and escape this

soft and cunning


of promises and pleas.


4 thoughts on “gathering

  1. calmcarl says:

    I hope i’ve managed to stop doing that. ‘A lot of truth in jest’ I seem to have heard when I was younger. When it comes from one you love it hurts more.

  2. asoulwalker says:

    “for its time in allotted worry…”

    such a wonderful line. I think a lot of people will instantly relate to it.

    I love that I don’t quite know what it is about but pieces of it still seem familiar as if I have lived them or lived near them myself.

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