the craving

the craving

it cries once more

writhing within my veins

i am not a better person

for giving in

i am not a stronger person

for resisting

the flickering of typical faces

are consumed

my frenzied actions

blur and meld

into burning guilt

and sharpened intent

their witnessed utterances


and i once more

cripplingly aware

that repression

is futile.


7 thoughts on “the craving

  1. QueridaJ says:

    =) well I often like short titles…so possibly “captive” or “guilt-captive” or “brink”…what would you title it?

  2. asoulwalker says:

    To feel a slave is such a weight
    And rising not a thing you think
    And in the midst, captivity
    Takes you to an ugly brink.

    To claw so hard you rip your nails
    And still you’re stuck in chains
    This is watered with your wails
    And shot strait through your veins.

    Fighting is the thing you hate
    Because it never worked
    Prisoners in mind to fate
    Guilt becomes your home.

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