i hear your voice

that off key humming

that soft yet deep toned


that distinct chuckle

that sweet nothing filled echo


i strain to hear you

to make it real

to place it in my time

but just as always

you go silent

sensing you have

come too near

what keeps you away?


you know i await

that fated chance

not promised

no, not at all

but dreamt of

and longed for

but thought of

and prayed for

and kept

within my

wounded self

to give the


some company


6 thoughts on “voiced

  1. calmcarl says:

    You give voice to my fears of what love I’ve lost. Does that make sense? You allow me to see love’s truth. Thank you again for sharing your feelings.

    • QueridaJ says:

      Yes it does make sense, thank your Carl for saying so, I think we all have that fear inside
      but also the hope of just not finding it yet =)

  2. Eric Alagan says:

    The object of desire is quite multifaceted here…a person, God, a memory, a wish. Perhaps you did not mean it to be so, but that is what I perceive. Am I reading too much into these words…say not please, leave me my dreams 🙂

  3. ~R.L.King says:

    well written…love this, love this

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