Petits V

your words

they do to me

more than i could ever say


give me release

i am caught amused

what gave quite easily before

stays stubborn

wanting more

of this new



the hedonist

awakes in


and spreads

in wonder



though i stay

only half



it is a drug

that i know

ignorance dare not raise its bashful head

chiding myself to sleep

i become distilled


One thought on “Petits V

  1. asoulwalker says:

    i always liked some distilled things,
    They drink down easy like the moon
    When they are good they are great
    And it becomes hard to hold in
    hard to hold in things long put away…

    I long for words
    I love them
    Though sometimes they ravage me
    and I wonder if I am better or worse off
    but connections are powerful
    and words connect
    with power
    I long for words as well.
    Let them roll of my tongue
    And off of yours
    Let them meet in the air
    and explode with magic.

    Do not despair,
    Think of the joy
    Let words play with words
    And lead to happy places…

Thank you for your valuable comments! =)

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