Does Truth…

if in Failure
facades scatter
and claim to
have henceforth
been summoned…

Does Truth
stand by and
act out its

Or does it become
the ultimate mask
of placid


4 thoughts on “Does Truth…

  1. asoulwalker says:

    I love the first line. The phrasing of the first line makes the whole poem possible.

  2. RLKing says:

    Again. Pensive. Both your writes tonight. Still reading. Just on writing break. Xo thanks for the sweet thoughts you left on my blog too. Even if I didn’t stop by. I read all your work Que. delivered via email. 🙂

    • QueridaJ says:

      This was written years ago, and the other one something currently experienced but yes both are pensive =) It’s delightful to hear from you and am glad that you’re continuing to stay in touch =) Take care =)

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