there is a prudent opaqueness
that demands to seep
through the jagged holes
reflected in the panes
that house the glistening
shards of visionary pain
its call lingers lost
slinking in and out of the clinks
in shattered startles
ruminating loudly yet ignored quite sharply
refracting the reverberations
of melted sand
which continue
to see only
what is transparently


8 thoughts on “Opaque

  1. Great mental and verbal dexterity, with meaningful lines that flow and make you think.

  2. asoulwalker says:

    I really like the urgency and speed of this poem. I feel pulled along from the first line all the way to the finish.

  3. Pawan Hira says:

    Weaved through past life, I can breathe through words of your life. Thank you for penning this.

  4. Prashant says:

    The simplicity of the complex emotions lies in the might of the words that speak of them.


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