there lies tragedy

there lies tragedy
just beyond the hills
of stones that dot the
fields of the listless dead

whatever rest
that was promised
lays unslept

treacherous livingness
slithers hither and thither
and nibbles at the ashes
drying upon the waves
hurrying to capture
the soul that remains
trapped in the clutches
of its cursers

mercy be upon
all those who slumber
in the slighted hope
of idleness


3 thoughts on “there lies tragedy

  1. asoulwalker says:

    In my youth
    when I praised rest
    I was idle.

    a bit older,
    but not old,
    I am afraid-
    and the work seems daunting.

    I see the dead always
    before my face they stand
    and gaze upon my living
    and cannot trade places.

    Everywhere the stones
    they stretch so far away
    Let me learn to live
    and let
    cripple me,
    but let me hope.

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