Our eyes meet today

and we exchange a warm “Hello!”

as if we had shared so much before.

You ask “Is everything alright?”

and i wonder how you would ever know?

But you have already turned away

and i return a half smile and wave goodbye.


Just days before we caught

each others glance and

barely nodded in greeting

and i have seen so many days

where in the back i watch

your singular gestures

yet you have never spoken

so animatedly to me.


At times i see a child with you

your hand upon his lithe and bony shoulder

and though i exchange smiles

with the shy little child

your eyes seem to see

beyond me.


I watch you amble away

your hand always nestled

casually in your pant pocket

and know i could call out

to you

but i feel if i open my mouth

i will finally blurt out and ask

“What happened to your arm?”


One thought on “meeting

  1. Prashant says:

    still stuck with love and the reality that it has gone beyond repair !!

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