once was a leaf

there once was a leaf
that loved a blossom.
it grew greener
as the flower blushed.
it awaited the wind
for a touch of petal.
it envied the bee
who kissed nectar.
it admonished the stem
worrying its lovely bud
would droop its darkened head.

it felt not the caterpillar’s bite
for his darling was within his sight.
it cherished the dew that slipped sun-shiny
into his glazey lap.

and so leaf from a near-far
awaited the day when they
would be plucked and placed
a loving pair from one lover to another.

came one day and
with spade in hand
reached for leaf so glee’d
for once and for all
casting away the weed


One thought on “once was a leaf

  1. ~Lady Day says:

    you have a brilliant way. Again…I totally get every line here(though I guess in my own way) I love the notion of waiting on things..so very important…how I do love this piece of writing.

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