sweeter escape

the jet-set plans all hatched and ready

the lurid scenarios all imagined and motives sensed

the armour all unchinked and waiting for dignified defense

the words all chosen and rehearsed

for their wit and deep-bitten venom

the emotions all chided and scolded

into steely eyed submission

all i collect in haste and as prep

not to become unhinged

not to become completely undone and irrevocably broken

having willingly fallen into lucid hubris depths

because i know this time it will hurt worse

it will kill more than i am willing to admit

and i can’t believe that it might just not

because i stopped believing in happy endings

when endings offered a sweeter escape than living


2 thoughts on “sweeter escape

  1. vimal says:

    nicely penned though

  2. ~Lady Day says:

    wow…this took me through a mind scape of torture and fear..hugs my dear Que if this is your present journey, as it feels forboding.x

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