memory rant

i remember
the oft forgotten reminders
that i command my mind to recollect
when i am in search of another lost memory

it is then that a familiar tune strains through
moving my lips in murmurs of its fleeting words

it is then a number appears demanding its purpose
as it swirls around, disengaging itself from done deeds

….and it is then a scene deeply buried rattles its beleaguered head slinking off (with my regret in tow) to that self-pitying little pit of re-runs….

….fuzzily shaping faces that i guiltily reconstruct…

and that is when i hastily recount the number of times that i ask my scatterbrain to organize its distractive agenda
and it of course promptly notes that down
and trounces off to interact with another digression.


Thank you for your valuable comments! =)

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