too afraid

i’m too afraid to say anything

about you and me past now

and though i chide myself each time

as you startle me with the depths of your heart

i’m much too bitten to admit I’m absolutely smitten


so far….you’ve proven me wrong

never saying “good bye” only “will i see you, when?”

your love….for now….is unquestionably strong


i feel that if i fall into believing….i may just not ever get up again….


2 thoughts on “too afraid

  1. Ami Fidèle says:

    I’m slightly ashamed to admit that I find nothing to be more thrilling than that fear =)

  2. RL King says:

    I want you to know, I read you in my email..every piece. Always feel like your writing is write in beat with where my head and heart is…always gorgeous Que.

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