the fustries


Its attention caught

Comes surging forth

And Rage comes seething after.


Sanity feigns nonchalance:

“Pfffft…I could hardly care”

And yet Dignity, so easily ensnared

Haughtily huffs “you know it’s completely, totally, absolutely unfair!”


Peace of mind intervenes with a strong sensical shudder

 And thoroughly bored Bitterness

shoots me a withering glare:

“What? You don’t want me around here anyways, so what does it matter?.”

*inspired by a mediocre meltdown (read: the fustries) brought on by some WP related drama based on not being able to comment on blogs i follow/read/think are just marvelous…hopefully support is on the way…nudge, nudge, jab…oops sorry…nudge.


2 thoughts on “the fustries

  1. I want you around here always, so it does matter!

  2. Grrrrr….w/p drama.
    Don’t let it get you down, sister.

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