realization scoffs

this is why  realization
often scoffs:

because unaware are
the smart
until it smarts…

unbeknownst to knowledge
dallies hope, luck and dreams
and when they each have their chance
knowledge congratulates experience
and fate intervenes
to say “I told you so”.

this is why realization
often scoffs:
because memory is treacherous
it only hopes to add
to re-collect its causes
effects are not in its care.


One thought on “realization scoffs

  1. Eric Alagan says:

    Memories are great as long as they stay true – but most memories are censored to spew a mutation of Truth – damning Man to relearn and add to his storehouse of cobwebed trash.

    This is what your poem rang out to me – perhaps this was not your intent – but my collected contents.

    Peace, Eric

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