Is it for me?

I would never write for you…

You never let me in.

Our souls never touched.

We never held on
as if
we would
letting go.

each others’ hearts
half empty
to the brim never filled

but I write for…

long forgotten days
and oft wasted hours

I am still his.

I still am the pin
in his heart
that I push in.

Within my heart
he still carves,
his mincing words
he silently
whittles in.

loved and hated
a bond never sated.

I hated him for letting love go
He loved the hate that
hid his woes


2 thoughts on “Is it for me?

  1. RL King says:

    Still the pin..that stanza. Read it earlier in my email and had to pay you a visit, it pushed into my mind and soul. Fabulous writing Que. perfectly executed. I felt it deeply.

  2. Soul Walker says:

    Reading this genuinely made me sigh… I would say that is good writing.

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