moving words

however much your words move me

their power fades 

spun in my mind

until they are nothing

but faceless with wear

polished to an elitist sheen

but no longer infused with meaning

that once set my heart a-reeling

the phrases falter, their echoes more fainter

and i await to hear you once more

to relish in the beauty that momentarily remains

whispered and wrung out wasted

into the ephemeral styx-tinged air


4 thoughts on “moving words

  1. such tenderness is spoken with your words..the hurt is deep…yet, you are willing to love again…

  2. calmcarl says:

    You always make me search for explanations. This is a good thing.

  3. “Moving words” made my heart move…and wonder WHY love fades so quickly…

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