with any other person

With any other person
my haughtiness would flare

my dignity would prevail
the dulling of your countenance
the irritated spark in your eyes
the downward turn of your mouth
would be enough
for me to turn away

if you were any other person…

i wouldn’t try to meet your eyes
i wouldn’t stop to ask why?
my days would not be filled
with silent chiding and sighs

I should be done
I should be through
but instead i wait upon
time and reason
to do what
fails to do
but does anyways.

2 thoughts on “with any other person

  1. time…it is a good healer…your words always touch my soul…

  2. clarabetty says:

    Nice! You put it so well what we go thru when we are in love or attracted to someone. Keep writing!

Thank you for your valuable comments! =)

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