attractiveness attracts the eye

luring it in with symmetricalness

the patterns, the blurs, the filigree all patented

the colours all measured the lights well played and well lit

coyly shadowing away all that is imperfection

until you think it did not exist.

the struggles and snotty noses

the screaming and maddened ugly faces

the spitting, the snarling, the hisses and looks that could sear

the distressingly untasteful giggles, burps, snorts, farts, and guffaws

the haggard sleepiness

and drained hallowing of stress

all contained and framed within

a memory that knows better

and a mind that knows what to show

to the eyes that want to behold material proof

that perfection can be captured

and not forgotten


One thought on “poise/pose

  1. Rhonda L. Brockmeyer says:

    Sorry. I so agree. Filtering. Amazing write. I love it.

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