happy taunts

taunting myself to be happy or else

and marking lines in the sands of time

each year that passes

held up for scrutiny

do i deserve to live?

a push and pull between my expectations

and what others expect of me

what have been fulfilled

what others are still pending

and that secret desire to have it all

because I want it more than the others who just assume i should

do i just toy with the idea of ends?

am i thankful, in fear of retribution?

am i grateful, in fear of being broken?

am i hopeful, in fear of being lost?

do i count my blessings only to keep my failures at bay?

2 thoughts on “happy taunts

  1. clarabetty says:

    A little melancholy but you’ve given us and yourself a lot to think about.

  2. Pawan Hira says:

    You created a path for an insightful walk. Your thorns are alive with more red. Be blessed, Q.

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