do not bend over backwards my dear

you will only push them to break you

do not give and give and not wait to consider yourself

for those who use you only think of you

when their needs want to be fulfilled

do not sacrifice for those who do not appreciate

they will only take and take and take

and ask if there why there is not more?

and if by chance there is a plea for rest

there will only be a twisting of your best intentions

and a questioning of all you have selflessly and dotingly done

a hurried anger, a haughty protest is not your error

rather a conniving way for you to bear all burdens

and have guilt to shut your lips

the flint-hard truth my dear

is that you will become but a vehicle to satiation

not a living being who is (without a doubt )

entitled to respect and much due appreciation


2 thoughts on “granted

  1. Soul Walker says:

    This is unfortunately a frequently relevant warning…

Thank you for your valuable comments! =)

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