life’s passing you by….

life’s passing you by
yet you think towards
an end

not of all the things that could be
but of all things that have to be done

society reins you in with expectations
yet what reigns your heart 
is that obscure
little cliff
off to the side of the road
lost in the mist
and its depths unknown

much abuzz about nothing
for that far off unseen lapse

a collapse perhaps

soon enough all the nay-sayers 
will raise their heads to unmovable Will
and all the gossipers thirsts will be slaked

and once again that soft-misted cliff
with precipice deep and hollow
will allow those who seek
and those who no one will follow…
a bridge.


2 thoughts on “life’s passing you by….

  1. Soul Walker says:

    I am reminded of all the places a heart wants to go but fears it cannot and all the places it has to go that it dreads, and all the places that it fears do not really exist. I am reminded of this and how many of those places have no physicality at all.

Thank you for your valuable comments! =)

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