the real

a roll rests too easily

comfortably spreading out of anything too snug

brimming with buoyant excess

it slips over and protrudes

rolling out over the edges

it clumps together all its lumps

and roundly pokes itself through the fabric

it declares: here is your unhealth, your unbeauteous evidence

here is your greed, your sloth, your filth, your bountiful shame,

and you and only you are to blame

here is what they condescend as acceptable for a real woman

yet tell you and show you and advise you, that you should want nothing to do with the real.

One thought on “the real

  1. Soul Walker says:


    This is well said. The inconsistencies of culture and men can dig deep and hurt us all in different ways. The real is what is beautiful. I do not despise dreams and fantasies… but a real hot dog and cup of coffee with a real friend is a better than a thousand dreams of supermodels and ridiculous exploits. And I can say this as one who is not a huge hot dog fan.

    -Soul Walker

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