Let it

I feel tricked.
I feel used.

I saw the pretenses fade.
I saw the act tiring.
I saw the gestures become absent.
I saw the eyes glass over.
I saw the disinterest grow.
I heard the words simply said
Because it was too much trouble
Not to say them at all…
Yet their edged weariness told me so.

I feel fooled
But no one fooled me….more than me.

I think
I’m just going to let this eat me alive.


2 thoughts on “Let it

  1. Soul Walker says:


    I know that I have never known what to do with strong emotions. I write… and sometimes that is it. We are all eaten alive by life at one time or another… and sometimes it seems like an awful lot of times. I love this poem because I have felt it (though I may have never said it out loud). Thank you.

    -Soul Walker

    • QueridaJ says:

      Honestly I wanted to end it a different way but no other expression captured it as truthfully as that last line. So finally i wrote what i kept thinking. Thank as always for sharing your thoughts.

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