A little less than last.

My indignant fears
Wreck havoc
Leaving doubt no promised benefit.

Holding instincts captive
Isolated from common sense.

The poison holds
Long after the damage done…
And that is when conscience
Speaks up with the disapproving superiority.

When the heart sighs with heavy regret.

And i mumble numbly:
Where were you Love to blind me then?
To stop my embittered words
Glistening sharp in all its bloodlust.
To halt my irate accusations
From hurting who we adore?
Who we now behold
And perchance loving us back
A little less…
a little less than last.


One thought on “A little less than last.

  1. Soul Walker says:

    Oh how I have wondered the same.

Thank you for your valuable comments! =)

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