Sorry I know you didn’t mean to…
Sorry did I hurt you?
Sorry did I take it too seriously?
Sorry was I not trying hard enough?
Sorry was I in your way?
Sorry did i do something wrong?
Sorry i didn’t understand
Sorry i couldn’t do it right
Sorry i honestly forgot
Sorry, you don’t overreact
Sorry, i don’t know what i did…
Sorry, i don’t know if I’m doing it right
Sorry, i can’t understand you
Sorry, i make u do this
Sorry, i should know better
Sorry, i know i hurt too easily
Sorry, i know it’s so hard for you
Sorry, i know you can’t help it
Sorry, i know you’ll never do it again
Sorry i know it’s all my fault
Sorry, i know it’s me
Sorry, but why?
Sorry but you…
Sorry, i am.
I —


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