Dream Catalogue – 03-28-16

I’ve always had vivid dreams and often remembered them for days after. At times it’s the same dream or same setting but different feel, characters, or familiar situation gone awry. I thought why not note these down, maybe I’ll get some insight into their meaning…


Two peacocks rushed into the room
But a boiled pink and hardly a feather left in its train
“We want to stay with you”
They whined, jabbing at me
Pecking at my face
I reached out and grabbed their beaks shut
Pushing them away
My sister looked on
“Tell them you’ll think about it…or that you’ll try”
They looked at me expectantly
“What?? I can’t keep you….!” I could hardly get the words out of my mouth before they started jabbing at me poking their beaks into face.
I pushed them away, I’d had enough
“Stop, just stop!”
“Rahul! Vijay! Stop now, that’s enough!”
My sister shouted. The peacocks looked at her, bent their heads in shame and quietly walked out.
“You named them???”
(Woke up)

* please note often when I say “I” or “my sister” it’s what I perceive the characters in my dream to be….often these characters occupy my dreams moreso than what I can identify as myself.


Thank you for your valuable comments! =)

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