in your arms

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Thelonelyauthor so kindly came by my blog today with a very generous like (truly humbled when I see his skill and marvel at his talent) and left more gifts…he introduced his poetry (I can say I had the wonderful yet very tough decision of choosing just one piece to share) and through the kind gesture of dedication also introduced me to Rachel from In Mind and Out (the post I reblogged just below). I am very grateful that the universe was feeling my mood and decided to be kind today.

The Lonely Author

in your arms

the sun has fallen
the moon refuses to rise
loneliness sits beside me
wearing a pink carnation
mourning the death of my pride
fear shaves in my mirror
he only has one eye
thus, he fails to see
the shooting stars in the window
no wait, they are the headlights
of cars passing by
so, I can’t make a wish
but if I could…..
I’d wish to die in your arms
just to hear you whisper goodbye

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One thought on “in your arms

  1. Drew is a magnificent writer, and this poem, like all of his, is stunning.

Thank you for your valuable comments! =)

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