spring’s herald

Spring’s feathered herald

pecks furtively at the frozen’d ground

urging worms far nestled below

who refuse to venture out

and greet the bitter rain.

His red-dulled breast


with water disguised as ice.


She found last night

among the howling winds

that her chickling

had become an egg once more

curled into a downy, frail ball

yet no more warm

now more silent than ever.


Two quivering robins

huddle over their branch-bare nest

their warbles lost in the pelting hail

not a peep escapes from their hatchlings.



6 thoughts on “spring’s herald

  1. eob2 says:

    You’re welcome. 🙂

  2. eob2 says:

    life is fragile no matter creature or human. Mournfully sad, beautifully written J.

  3. clarabetty says:

    You show Spring in all its beauty but also the impatially of nature. You portray the life and death struggle eloquently and make us weep while rejoicing.

  4. Eric Alagan says:

    You portray the harsher aspects in all three poems above. For me, the second and third are especially sorrowful – the fraility of life

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