I left before

I left before he needed to push away my hand clasping his tightly…

Knowing all the while that he could forget all that i would always remember…

Knowing i will regret not seeing through what he easily leaves behind…

I look back but see my shadow lingering…

Waiting for a chance that will never come.

8 thoughts on “I left before

  1. eob2 says:

    The heart clings, the mind holds. This is an excellent poem

  2. Querida, This is a well-written, clever poem. The strategy in this poem works to save face if you are absolutely sure the relationship can never work out.

    In the end, to have a genuine relationship, you both have to be willing to be vulnerable and take a risk of getting hurt. No games!

  3. I like this one. Shame- perhaps all he needed was a clasping hand to awaken him to her forever. Instead he is left draped in a haunting dark presences… he can’t forget.

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