Coming to Terms

I’m coming to terms with impermanence.

The fleeing moments of joy and secret smiles I will thoroughly enjoy.

Even though i know they will disappear just as quickly as I exhale in relief.

I will find happiness in the little you give me even as I dismay at its evanescence.

This is all I seem to receive and so I must relish what moments of bliss and peace I’m allotted.

I will forever fall for your ruses of surety… But I will learn to cherish them more.

2 thoughts on “Coming to Terms

  1. This is only a few lines long but it provokes so much thought. I am currently facing this same issue. Do I settle and cherish the few moments or do I wait for more, that may never come?
    Coming to terms with impermanence is a necessity – it makes life easier.
    But we also need to make sure we don’t accept less than we deserve. Oh the dilemma!
    Blessings to you! ♥♥

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