Beautiful Blogger Award

A heartfelt and a very delighted Thank You to KD DeFehr ( for nominating me for the Beautiful Blogger Award! I admire a number of KD’s pieces for how deeply they reach inside you and reveal our innermost thoughts and struggles with succinct and emotive words.

I am more than happy to pass this award on to the following bloggers, a small gesture of appreciation for their captivating talent:

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. Prashant says:

    nothing more special than figuring on the list of one of the most talented, pure at heart and humble blogger !

    Thank you so very much !

    • QueridaJ says:

      It is an honour and my pleasure to be able to show this little gesture of appreciation for
      your work and the benevolent heart that lies therein. Take care =)

  2. Congratulations!
    And thank you so much for nominating our Free tag Zone …
    Keep in touch … we ‘ll do our best to find great street art on the walls off our city!
    Greetings from Belgium.
    PS : is it any logo of the award?

    • QueridaJ says:

      You are most welcome and yes do keep sharing your unique findings!
      The logo is on my home/main page on the right, please scroll to the bottom to find it.
      Hope that helps,
      -Querida J

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