i sought prayer

and found relief

from the testing

that i unbeknownst

was asking for

the more i prayed

away my tears

the more i uttered heartfully

the more i found reason

to utter still more beseechingly

for the mercy that had not reached its time to be received

you will want to

we never said leave.

we only asked when you would?

you are weak.

or so you say,

we know

the reason why

is solely ours:

but you know that.

you can always stay

though you don’t belong.

you can count on us

to help you go.

One day,

you will leave and

it will be,

it will be because

you want to.

we always want you

to want that

as well.


i have never

i have never

lay upon the roadside and cried for sleep
pleaded for water or whimpered for a meal
walked farther than far and still walked some more
bickered for space and frowned at innocent smiles

said words i did not believe
swore oaths i did not comprehend

felt pity drowning within myself
felt fright in sharing
guilt for still caring
accused innocent lives to continue with mine

i thought my nevers would last,but they betrayed me…

my never evers have become my now.


Every blog that I have come across is not without its “apology post” about the irresponsibility of not keeping up a blog for whatever reasons there may be…I just didn’t think I would be making it so soon! Anyways apologies in abundance, hoping the yearning to share overpowers Life’s need to every so often intercede…

Into the New and Beyond…Here’s Wishing Everyone A Happy New Year!!

Let it be
Let it be
Let it be

my little mantra
whispers gaily to itself
trudging softly yet bravely along
to a cheerful little tune
that only it seems to hear

so very young
but wise beyond its cooing years
knowing what is within its reach
and what all will never be
and still announcing sagely with
cherubish glee:

Let it be
Let it be
Let it be

To Readers

To Readers Devoted and New,

This is my small venture in spreading my horizons to welcome more perspective and hopefully growth in my poetic attempts…thanks to the encouragement of a few who while terribly modest about their own talents still are convinced that I should share what I have been sharing on a smaller scale these past years….Thank you and I hope I make you proud =)

I hope to share new pieces, share old favourites, and rework or totally renew past pieces…