Blind within

If we were one collective human

Why do we do so much

To hurt ourselves?

To deceive, to betray, to cheat

To hurt, to abuse, to harm

To rape, murder and torture

To treat ourselves like refuse?

Why do we ruin our homes

And Wreck the air

Poison our water

And bathe our hands in the blood of innocents?

Why do we do all this

To ourselves?

Because we cannot see

What is through & through

True within?

We cannot see beyond our mirrors, our fences, our streets, our stars?

Or because we cannot see we are just truly one?

Another way to see:


A lie is a lie is a lie…

He typed….

“I’m sorry you feel that way

I’m sorry for all the bad memories it brought forth

All the pain you had before

All the doubt that it provokes”

He quickly texted…

“But you are being paranoid

Quite overly analytical

Unnecessarily critical”

I have made my assumptions.

I replied

But your reasoning just confirms them…

A lie is a lie is a lie

It doesn’t change a thing for me

Only his

When i first heard these words in my head, they were in my mother tongue… I thought how it would sound in English but for some reason I want to share the original version even if its nuances remain hidden. (Apologies for any errors in Tamglish spellings)


En kaiye gethiye pudicha kadhalan.

En idhyam avanukku mattum sondhum endrum sollum en kanavan.

Avan perai Thanimai.


The lover who tightly clasps my hand.

The husband who says my heart is only his.

His name is Loneliness.