A Dawning

Morning breaks

and i am grateful for now…

A tired little sigh of emptiness.

Thoughts that have kept me up at night
Have found their reels well worn
And give way to the newly reigning

And i caught in their shifting

Beguile myself for a moment of peace.


Petits XIV

a relief-ful sleep

a deep pressed sleep

a well steeped sleep

a much welcomed sleep

a tumble less slumber

an uninterrupted doze

now i bring my eyes to close

and sleep with peace on my mind


an often seen post

“be happy for yourself”

“make yourself happy first”

“your happiness depends on you”

“you make your happiness”

“you are the creator of your joy”

a superficial toast to what one wants to be

but without you….i cannot seem to find myself

let alone find the joy sunken low within me


another deadline written in the air

another supposed timely due date

another task for my fickle patience

arduous it is to wait and not waste away a little more each time

Petits XIII

one day you’re going to catch on

step back and pause

and know your inkling was right all along


tainted i agree

and stained indelibly 

as much as i do

to out its residue

it bleeds it bleeds

it seeps into my very being


don’t believe in me

i’ll only let you down

don’t profess your trust

i’ll fall prey to suspicious thoughts

don’t hold out your hand

i just may brush it away

don’t uphold me in any way

i just might drag you down with me



Petits XII

It sparkles when spat on
It glimmers when wept on
If it ever was to…
It would only bleed dust


a vine entwined

a leafy embrace

a subtle entreaty

a silent revenge


awake through the hours

as weariness weighs

i fight slumber

to escape

dreaming of losing you


 why don’t you know my favourite song?

is that just the only thing’s that’s wrong?

or has it just been too long?

what will i say

when i see you


will i spy upon a stranger

will all those feelings stay as distant thoughts

will i break your heart

yet feel freed?

will i leave you

knowing that i’m leaving a part of me?

or will i know that you will always be mine

the very moment i see you?