Makes you forget to breathe

But breathe you must

Because all your breaths are truly just.

You are worthy!

You are more than your anxiety,

Though anxiety would never tell you so.

Anxiety can taunt you,

whether you’re actually doing

Exceptionally well or not.

Anxiety will guilt you whether or not you deserve to feel bad.

So listen to your breath

It continues on and on

Without a worry

And only stops when it’s made to.

It can slow down, speed up, go deep, feel shallow, even struggle each day.

But it continues and so will you.

Anxiety has nothing on you.

Tell it, you’ve gone for a well deserved breather.


thinking too much

there is a rumour
of empty space
its hallow call
fills the breath
of room it
usually occupies

as it tries its
feeble best
to spread its peace

the clusters of chaos
have advancedly arrived
they nudge and jostle
trilling their slogans
each wanting to

struggling one above the other
to subsume
in desires to consume

“that is the dilemma when you think too much”

more than enough

though i feel the points and juttings

as i toss and turn and knock about

my fingers still seek and sink into

the weighty dough

and though at times i peer at spindly

i beg the Fleischer

and promise soft to pay him dearly

and even sometimes i breathe in

and glimpse reedy

but there is no question

of how

at noon’s call

how needy

how so very, very greedy

it gets…

and though you tell me

to really see

and to see what you see

i see only me

and that

i am more than enough

the answer is “e”

a poem scribbled out when…Yes, I was supposed to be studying…just for fun =)

such a tedious chore
to study

such a waste of time
to cram

in studying i find:

innumerable slowly nonsensical
words, terms and dreaded definitions
theories old and disproved

yet in need of dutiful memorization
concepts to be fully understood

applications to be applied
experiments to be analysed
conclusions to be reiterized

the onslaught of words turn into a maze of letters
this means this but after that it means those
no no that’s wrong

this means that but before it means this it causes one to say


mnemonic devices how ever clever never fully suffice

“remember the one who rewrote for the one who re-rewrote what the
other one wrote”

“no frankly i don’t…”

“what is your name?”

“i can’t recall…”

your exam is facilitated by the use
of multiple choice:

a) study, write, fail to write name

b) study, blank out, scribble, tremble, sweat, finally write on a hilarious tangent and fail

c) study, re-study, revise, summarize, write for wrong class and fail

d) all of the above

hint: the answer is always e)