a feeling
assigned to a day
lest it be forgot.

Best it is to be

Blest to 
know its worth…
no need to
say in jest,
all dressed,
and ready to fest.

Know it unprofessed…
feel it unexpressed…
do it without a reason to impress…
say it 


at times when i forgo my need of happiness,
i am ushered unknown into a knowledge of being fully blessed…
that i have two friends who freely come and go as my foes,
for i know that these two love me with all their hearts
and dishearten only of what i fail to learn and know.
their guidance strong,
my freedom entrusted.
their love unconditional,
my opportunities made unlimited.

their depthless understanding and efforts,
to the follies and foolishness,
that i have met.

their ever-reaching dreams,
that reach my heart

but not realization.
brought up in perfection
but caught up in illusion.