i’m stuck

i’m stuck
and don’t mind being so
i’m too afraid to move forward
and too afraid to stay behind
secretly i sigh that delays made, are out of my hands
but miserable that i will be left back.
the world’s most preciously deemed
i waste without outward regret
time and money galore
has gone and i bemoan the reason to need more
silently i must remain as in of me
meaninglessly dreading the decay
that seems only to point towards ruthless consequences
making my senses acute and numb and to sense no more
yet more aware am i of this urgent whisper of idle
as i am at the quickening and ever-knocking of my heart
and the foolish inability to do nothing more than to move forward
and remain tormentedly stuck…


the un-rebel

no kind words
await the ill-honoured

no praise, or applause
or laurels are
deserved by he.

a lament, a tirade
a lengthy convoluted complaint
are better suited for
he who plays the role
of the nonchalant saint.

all his passiveness
filled in neatly
into whatever space
pride left
when it was
scooped out
and left to simmer
in indignity.

a doormat is he
yet the stomp-trampling feet
leave tainted and dirty.

an odd duck perhaps?
befuddled about which
pious path to choose?

just callous
and quiet
and with
nothing to lose.

the answer is “e”

a poem scribbled out when…Yes, I was supposed to be studying…just for fun =)

such a tedious chore
to study

such a waste of time
to cram

in studying i find:

innumerable slowly nonsensical
words, terms and dreaded definitions
theories old and disproved

yet in need of dutiful memorization
concepts to be fully understood

applications to be applied
experiments to be analysed
conclusions to be reiterized

the onslaught of words turn into a maze of letters
this means this but after that it means those
no no that’s wrong

this means that but before it means this it causes one to say


mnemonic devices how ever clever never fully suffice

“remember the one who rewrote for the one who re-rewrote what the
other one wrote”

“no frankly i don’t…”

“what is your name?”

“i can’t recall…”

your exam is facilitated by the use
of multiple choice:

a) study, write, fail to write name

b) study, blank out, scribble, tremble, sweat, finally write on a hilarious tangent and fail

c) study, re-study, revise, summarize, write for wrong class and fail

d) all of the above

hint: the answer is always e)