Covid Days II

A large, peppery squirrel does its acrobatics.

Jumping from Fir to Oak to Elm

Into the precarious mulberry.

He catches my eye

But does not freeze,

Does not scamper away.

His bushy tail twitches


He chews along the whole length

Of a woody stick

And tosses it carelessly aside.

He bends and twists

Wrenching off

Another reedy limb.

He pauses,

glances at me

and decidedly

holds his twig

A little tighter.

Covid Days

Covid days

Of window watching.

Spying on the
Bright, loud feathers

Flitting at ease

Uncautious abandon.

Clear, shrill chirps

Birdly Antakshari

Echoing in the fresh, crisp,

Unfettered air.


*Antakshari (un-taak-sha-ree) is a game of singing songs where the verse/word/letter/sound you end your song off with is the word the next person starts with.