What’s it called?

What’s it called?

When you’ve seen it all happen before

The same old, same old

Just another way

The same lull

The same soft excitement in the further reaches of your mind

The cautious half imagined breath of relief


And if possible!

Even more disappointing than it was before.

What’s it called when you still think maybe… Just maybe not this time.

What’s it called?

Ahh yes…stupidity.


The shoe drops

I think the other shoe knows

I’m waiting for it to drop

I wait for it patiently

Pretending unaware

I’ve come to expect nothing less

I’ve learned nothing else happens to the contrary

I’ve stopped hoping for anything to work out

That doesn’t mean i don’t try

I give my best

But i haven’t seen any different

But this… This

I’ll take over been fooled.