What is purity…

What is purity but the breath we breathe upon words?

The sensations that trickle through our being
and glow warmly within…

The air that caresses and unfeelingly lights our being

What is purity but thought that brings awe
self-abandonment in bliss
not once caring if the heart will beat once more

It is silence so perfect that perfection would mar its very sense

The countless colours that burst upon the darkness
and live only in our dreams

It is art that is understood by all and none
and music, sweet music that
while lessening the soul
would still tempt the ear to listen

It is the light that sparkles in a newborn’s eye
surpassing all brilliance
and returning to the babes of age

What is purity but the breath we breath upon our last
without fear


Bittersweet…a fitful taste

So many experiences in life have been bittersweet, at a young age I could not fathom why anyone could find sweetness in bitterness…but I think it is that ability to see even that sad, dulled, faltering sweetness in the bitterness of life that allows us to heal and move on…

a fitful
an ever changing face
ever at a stop and start evolving pace
a back and forth of past and present
of regret and attempts at renewal
of new salt on old wounds
of fear forgot and fear anew
sweetly bitter truths
that sting and soothe
and scar no less.