Safe Novelty

Forlorn are the ones

Who wanted to be different

Only to stand apart

So that they were ushered in

More closely.

Not left to find their own way.

Only different to be attractive.

Only different to be a safe novelty.

One that catches the eye,

But is bought all the same.

Not left on the shelf as

Just too raw…too bizarre…maybe broken…maybe just too wrong.

 it lies there listless.

Realizing it wanted the very same things…

But just

From someone who could understand.



is it easier or harder

to want what everyone else wants?

what we are smiled upon for wanting?

what we are supported and celebrated for wanting?

or is it harder to want what no one else thinks you should want?

what you will be lectured about, advised about, discouraged and guilted about?

is it easier to try your best to conform and worry how you fall short?

Or is it easier to strike your own path and bear the cold shoulders and disapproving glares?

this whispers, the dead silences, the piteous, the nervous and ingenuine smiles?

when does it become easier to do your thing?

when does it become easier to do what you want?

when does it become easier to achieve what seems to come so easy to others?

when does it become enough?

when does it become easier?


you wonder at how jagged i am

after breaking me into so many pieces

shattering me so painstakingly

and hoping your dried up glue attempts

will ever put me back together as i once was

mourning at how displaced we are

how different things now are

blind to the hammer you wield

blind to the disaster you reek

only wanting what you

and now only you alone seek

foolish zenith

having reached
a foolish zenith

 reason surpasses
the enduring calls of
past words

all that is subjected to difference
seems thinly veiled as the last

all disguising the one truth
with no more than a
used epiphany